When it comes to choosing your next tenant, it’s vital to make the most of the opportunity of speaking to the people who could be living in your house for the foreseeable future.

I would always recommend showing them the property yourself and have some questions ready to ask them while you walk around.

I spoke in an earlier blog about the top three questions to ask your potential tenants, and here are three more – because let’s face it, as a landlord there are lots of things you want to know!

When are you looking to move?

It’s natural to be keen to rent your property as soon as possible, but be careful if your potential tenant is in a major hurry to move. There may be a genuine reason of course, but be sure to ask why!

Do you have the deposit and month’s rent in advance?

Problems paying their deposit and rent upfront may mean further rent payment issues down the line, so it’s important to be clear from the start.

Can you tell me what your lifestyle is like?

This isn’t meant to pry into their private lives, and having an active social life is their business, but it’s useful to know if they work nights or play musical instruments for instance, and may mean the property is not suitable for their needs.

For more advice about property management and lettings in Kidderminster and Worcestershire, give me a call on 01562 745082 or pop into the Nock Deighton offices in Coventry Street.




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