Did you know the average length of time between agreeing a sale and completing is about 13 weeks?

A recent survey found that the vast majority of people thought it took eight weeks, and many more thought it was much less!

We always say that nothing kills a deal like time because people are always keen to get everything sorted as soon as possible and patience can quickly run out.

So how can you make sure that the gap between agreeing a sale and actually moving is as short as possible? One thing you can do is instruct a solicitor as soon as you put your house on the market.

It typically takes about two weeks for a solicitor to put a contract pack together, and if you can get that ready before you complete you have already knocked a decent chunk off that 13 weeks.

But perhaps the most important thing you can do is speak to your estate agent at the outset so you understand the timescales involved.

If you have a set date in mind that you want to move by, for example, be sure to talk it through with your agent and they will be able to advise you accordingly.

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