Whenever anyone asks me about the state of the housing market here in Worcestershire, there has been a common theme to my reply – a lack of new houses coming onto the market.

Some startling figures have just been released by the National Housing Federation and homeless charity Crisis, which show there is an estimated 3.91 million shortfall in homes across England.

Clearly this will vary wildly across regions, but it’s certainly a sobering statistic nonetheless.

The research also says 340,000 new homes need to be built across England every year until 2031 to meet future demand – compared to the current Government target of 250,000 a year.

There are, of course, debates about the effect building new homes will have on the housing market, and the affordability of any new homes is a key factor as well.

But it is clear from our experience here in Bridgnorth that the demand for property is out there – we have lots of people on our books just waiting for the right house to come along.

So our message to anyone considering putting their house on the market is clear – buyers are ready and waiting, so now is a great time to get moving!



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