Did you know the most popular home improvements – new bathrooms and kitchens – are actually unlikely to result in a profit in many cases?

According to new research by buying agent Henry Pyror and GoCompare home insurance, the average cost of a new kitchen is £7,000 and yet only adds about half of that amount to the value of a property.

The more “unglamorous” projects are often more effective ways of increasing the value.

Energy improvements, such as a new boiler or central heating system, can increase the price of a property by close to 4%, the equivalent to just over £9,000. The average cost of a new boiler cost is around £2,000, providing the householder with a net profit of close to £7,000.

Other improvements can be more subtle. A fresh coat of paint may add little to the value of a property, for instance, but making your home look as welcoming as possible can undoubtedly encourage prospective buyers through the door.

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