Choosing the right tenant can be a headache for landlords – particularly people who are renting out their property for the first time.

The key thing for landlords to think about is matching the right tenant to their type of property, and there are pros and cons to every type of tenant.

Professional couples do tend to look after a property well, but can be difficult to keep as tenants because they will often see a rental property as a short-term commitment.

Families with young children can be viewed by some landlords as risky tenants because of the potential for mess or damage, but this is offset by a more long-term tenancy.

And in actual fact, many of our landlords find that families view their rental property very much as their own home so will look after it as such.

We have landlords who favour renting their properties to elderly people, who have a habit of being on time with their rental payments, but of course not all properties will be suitable.

The most important thing is for a landlord and letting agent to have a good relationship with their tenant.

It’s also vital to match your property with a tenant to suit – an apartment in a city centre is far more likely to appeal to a professional couple than an elderly person living on their own, for example.

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