The summer is traditionally a quieter time of year for the property market, with people not wanting to worry about moving house during the holiday season.

But actually the coming months can be a great opportunity if you are ready to move, because there is less competition out there.

National news reports are painting a fairly gloomy picture of the property market at the moment, with low levels of new houses coming onto the market leading to a lack of activity.

But here in Worcestershire, we are bucking the national trend (as is often the case!) with an increase in the number of properties coming to the market in recent months.

However, we have sold more houses than we took on, which means house prices are still creeping up. So we still need more houses to sell because the demand is out there – and buyers are willing to pay a good price for the right house.

Don’t be put off by those news reports telling stories of doom and gloom, which are often based on the London and south-east markets. Worcestershire is a very different market, and remains a great place to buy and sell property.

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