A question we often get asked by clients is: “Why do I need professional photographs of my property?”. The simple answer is they will help sell it!

When potential buyers are looking at an online property portal, like Rightmove, you have just a few clicks to attract their attention. And if the first few photographs of your property do not pull them in, they will quickly move on to the next one.

In our experience, one of the main reasons for low numbers of viewings is poor quality photography. Whether the pictures are too dark or blurred, or they show piles of clothes strewn over a bed, if your photographs do not look professional, they will turn people away from your property.

People often come to us after having their property listed with another estate agent, and a common reason for their failure to sell is the quality of their photographs.

While professional photos can sometimes be an extra cost, if it means achieving closer to your asking price, that investment will pay you back to the tune of thousands of pounds.

Your photos need to stand out from the competition and give as much information about your property as possible to persuade buyers to book a viewing – your estate agent should then do the rest.

If you are not seeing many viewings because buyers are not being attracted by the photographs, you are giving them an excuse to start negotiating down – don’t give people a reason to offer you a lower price.

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