The presentation of a property should not be underestimated and can have a big influence on the number of viewings you get and the final sale price.

We have all heard about baking a cake or brewing coffee just prior to a viewing so your house smells wonderful, but how else can you ensure you sell your property for the best price?

Kerb appeal is important for those people who drive by to see if the house looks appealing. Paint your front door, if it needs it. Spruce up your garden, repair any fences, gates and gutters. Plant up some pots around the front door, make sure they are well watered and look attractive.

Inside, do all those jobs you’ve been meaning to do. Repair any obvious damage to walls, skirting boards and so on. Plane the bottom of any doors that don’t open smoothly, and touch up any paintwork that’s looking tired.

Look at your decor and flooring from the perspective of a potential buyer. New flooring is certainly worth considering. An investment of a few hundred pounds in new flooring in certain rooms could pay for itself multiple times in the increased buying price the property could then command.

If you decide to redecorate, go neutral in a way that matches the age of the property.

Don’t install a new kitchen or bathroom in the hope of getting a better price. You really have no idea of the personal tastes of the person who will end up buying your house, they may well have a different taste and end up replacing it anyway.

If lots needs doing, don’t do any work before asking a trusted agent and definitely don’t spend a lot of money on your house just to improve the selling price.

And finally, listen to your estate agent when they offer advice and be prepared to think about their suggestions!

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